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Meal Prep Sundays

Today I started my morning off with a hot sweaty yoga session with Laura Mary. It felt so good to hit the mat and just let go. Afterwards I ran some errands and went to the store to prepare for a full day of cooking. I made a bunch of stuff to prepare for the week. Candice Kumai has been inspiring me. I am reading her book, Kintsugi Wellness and it is about her own journey to show how Japanese traditions can enhance not just our bodies, but our minds, our hearts and our spirits. I made a few of her recipes below:

  • Cali Style Udon (page 113)

  • Matcha Smoothie (page 76)

  • Kodiak Cakes (Not in her book, but something that I wanted to make for a “healthy” snack)

I haven’t made anything for myself in a while. When I cook, it is usually for someone or for an event. As I enter this month, I remind myself each morning that I want to take back my time and focus on me. Focusing on my physical and mental health is a priority because without this, I would be useless to others. Cooking is so therapeutic and is a great form of self care. I am excited to start the week as I am proud I finished my meal prep earlier than 9PM and night and have time to read, catch up on emails and unwind before another long work week.

“Over the years, my family and I have communicated and miscommunicated. But sometimes we found the best answer was simple sho ga nai, just letting something go. Ultimately, I'm grateful to for the struggles and the setbacks we shared together, as they have made us into who we are today. Without those times of turmoil and change, the ups and downs, we would not be able to learn and grow or enrich our lives. The struggles will become your story, And that's the beauty of kintsugi. Your cracks can become the most beautiful part of you.” ― Candice Kumai, Kintsugi Wellness: The Japanese Art of Nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit

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